2018-2019-Michael Toepper

2017-2018-Patti McKerchie

2016-2017-Nova Sipe

2015-2016-Brian Goldstein

2014-2015-Theodore Gaffin +

2013-2014-Katie Paulson

2012-2013 Dean Gibboney

2011-2012-Benny Benson

2010-2011-Thomas Hogan

1999-2000-Rod Salmi

1998-1999-Bob McCleery

1997-1998-Ted Ledbetter

1998-1997-Jim Burkle

1995-1996-Theodore Gaffin *

1994-1995 Deyo Swartz Jr. +

1993-1994-David Godley

1992-1994-Martin Peterson +

1991-1992-Joe Elfante

1990-1991-Ray Loebe

2009-2010-Randy Shouse

2008-2009-James Smith +

2007-2008-John Townsend +

2006-2007 William Mouw +

2005-2006 Jim Pekny +

2004-2005-Esthermarie Hillman + *

2003-2004-Thomas Hill + *

2002-2003-Tommy Vaughn + *

2001-2002-Sandy Williams+ *

2000-2001-Michael Whiting

Past Leadership of the Arizona District Optimist International

Click on each Governor Year to see their District Pin and the names of the Secretary and Treasurers

(only some are available)

+ denotes they were a Distinguished Governor

*denotes they also served as an International Vice President

1989-1990-Ron Adair

1988-1989-Robert Holiday

1986-1987-Jack Nuyttens

1986-1987-Stan Dombroski First Year Governor Pin Available

1985-1986-Victor Jacobsen +

1984-1985-Ken Johnson + *

1983-1984-James C Roberts +

1982-1983-Michael R. Ulichny

1981-1982-Richard Burton

1980-1981-Ronald Hochrine + *