Essay Scholarship Competition Information

Congratulations to the

Arizona District 2020 Essay Scholarship Winner  Hannah Lennon

Sponsored by the Yavapai County Optimist Club

She will receive the LaVern "Gus" Gustafson Arizona District Scholarship.


My name is Hannah Lennon, and I am a graduating sophomore attending Bradshaw Mountain High School in Dewey, Arizona.

All of my life, I have been questioning who I want tobecome. I have been searching to reach the epoch of my existence and seeking out the answer to my own purpose. Despite any conflicts or challenges that may have been faced in the pursuit of my own truth, I have always known that simply appreciating the things that mean the most to me in life - my family, my friends, nature, and my two lovely cats - will guide me along my journey and give me the strength and hopefulness to answer the calls of my soul.

Currently, I aspire to become a radiologist and doctor, for I hope to be able to wake up each day knowing that I will reach a hand out to another and truly make a difference during my time on this earth.

 I long to travel the world and be a voice for injustice and for the poor; I want to become involved, speak up for those who may face more hardships than myself, speak out against discrimination and violence, and promote unconditional love and kindness.

 I hope to inspire not only the pursuit of these ideals but also the will to reach for them in others.

Arizona District

Essay Competition Chairperson Renate Krompasky

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