Arizona District

District Policies
Arizona District
Optimist International
The following are the General and Financial Policies of the
Arizona District approved by the Board of Directors

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Policy Changes to be Voted
at the Arizona District Convention, August 17-19. 2018,
Prescott Resort and Conference Center

 Sponsoring Club and Proposal

Pueblo Optimist Club

on behalf of Ken Johnson,

Conference and Convention Chair

2000S. Flying Q Lane

Tucson, Arizona 85713-6725

28 – April – 2018


 Proposal to change District Policies


 Article VI: District Conferences and Convention - General Provisions

Registration Charges at District Meetings


 Article VII: District Finances – District Dues



At the third quarter conference in Casa Grande, there was an open session to get feed-back from our members on what we could and should do differently to attract more members to our District Conferences. This information was positive and was near unanimous.


**        Consider locations and agendas that allow members to attend without the need, or expectation that they will need to reserve a hotel room. This would be accomplished by eliminating the evening dinner, and concluding all business by no later than 5:00P.M.


            This has been planned into the 2018-2019 Conference schedules.



**        Lower the cost of members to attend District Conferences.


            This could be accomplished by eliminating an evening scheduled dinner, and by lowering the cost of registration for a conference. All felt that the funds needed to conduct conferences should be collected from all members, not just the few who attend.


            The shorter conference has been planned for.


            The spreading of the costs for conferences is the topic of these proposed changes to our District Policies. This idea comes from our members as stated above.   




Proposal # 1:


 Change the District Registration Charges at District Meetings from the current $25.00 to $15.00. Change the late registration from the current $30.00 to $20.00. There is no proposed change for guests and it would remain $5.00.



Proposal #2:


Change the District Dues from $3.75 per quarter ($15.00 per year) to $5.00 per quarter ($20.00 per year)



Effects of the proposals:



It is helpful in looking at the effects of these proposals to understand the numbers that are involved. There is a 14 year history of District conferences available to anyone who would like to see the whole thing, but, over the past five years, including this year’s first three conferences, we have averaged 50 members in attendance.


The past two years to date, this number is 43 members registered.


The District currently has 600+ members (630 as of 4/27/18 to be exact)  600 is used here.


Raising District Dues – and dedicating the increase to paying for the costs of conferences would give us $3,000 additional. Divided by our four conferences, that gives $750 to each quarter conference to help cover costs.


Reducing the registration costs from $25 to $15, based on our current average of 43 members registered, we would lose $430.


This would give us an increase of $320 per quarter, and more importantly help to encourage more members to attend. As registration goes up, the difference in our loss would go down.



Without new members and more members attending, we are losing their new ideas, talents and the pool for future leadership!


This is presented for Conference Chair Ken Johnson, who in my absence is my representative at District conferences for the Board of Directors.




Bob Lewis, President, Pueblo Optimist Club 31-092

Proposal as seen in the Policies

Registration Charges at District Meetings
The registration charges on all district meetings must be approved by the district governor and executive
committee. The incumbent governor, governor-elect, and the secretary-treasurer serving on the
executive committee, as well as official 0.1. Representatives, shall receive complimentary registration at
district meetings and conventions and such shall be anticipated in the convention budget.
There shall be a $25.00 $15.00 early bird registration charge for those members who
register no later than one
week in advance. Registration is to be received online or postmarked on or before the
Friday preceding
a District Conference or Convention. A registration fee of $30.00 $20.00 will be
charged to members following
the early bird registration deadline or at the door. A $5.00 fee will be charged for all
guests. This will
help to defray the expenses of the meeting and guests.
Registration Refunds
All requests for refunds of prepaid registration must be presented by the pre-registered individual. Such
requests for refunds must be received by the district secretary-treasurer on or before a date determined
by the Executive Board and published as part of the registration form. No refunds of partial registration
shall be honored.
Complimentary Registrations
The incumbent Governor, Governor-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer serving on the Executive Committee, as
well as the official 01 Representative (and spouse), shall receive complimentary registrations.
The incumbent Governor, Secretary-Treasurer, serving on the Executive Committee, as well as the official
01 representative shall receive complimentary hotel/motel lodging of suitable character and such shall be
anticipated in the budget.
Flags, Creed and Banners
It shall be the policy of the district administration to display at all district conventions and conferences
the appropriate national flags, the district banner and the Optimist Creed banner in the room in which
convention business is conducted. Clubs are encouraged to display banners at all district meetings.
The conduct and administration of District business shall be financed by District dues, payable by
Clubs for each of their members enrolled in the office of Optimist International, from convention
fees, and as hereinbefore provided from the general fund of Optimist International. The amount
of each District's dues, and dates on which such dues shall be payable, shall be established by the
Board of Directors of Optimist International. Districts may reduce or eliminate dues for a college
member. A District, by resolution adopted by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast by the
accredited delegates to its annual convention, may petition the Board of Directors of Optimist
International, in the form and manner prescribed by that Board, for adjustment of the amount of
its annual dues. No fmancial obligation or assessment, of any kind, other than provided in these
Bylaws, shall be placed upon or requested of the Clubs or their members by the District. (01
Bylaws Article VII, Section 5, Paragraphs A, B, and C)
Each club in the district shall pay for each member enrolled at Optimist International as
of September 30, December 31, March 31, and June 30 quarterly dues of
$3.75 $5.00 per member payable October 1, January 1, April 1, and July 1 of each year,
subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of Optimist International and in
accordance with 0.1. Bylaws with the exception to waive District dues for two years for
those members listed as a college member.
Annual dues payable by a newly affiliated club shall commence on the first day of the
third month following that in which such club is officially organized, such payments to
be passed on the number of members enrolled in the International Office on that date
Any club more than 90 days in arrears for any indebtedness to the district or Optimist
International shall be considered not in good standing and shall forfeit all rights and
privileges of membership during the period of indebtedness
At its first meeting the District Board of Directors shall review, amend and approve the annual
budget submitted by the flnance committee, ensuring that is done in a manner conforming with
the standard District chart of accounts established by the Board of Directors of Optimist
International. Such budget shall be submitted to the Board of Directors of Optimist International
for final approval. The budget shall include income only from authorized sources for the current
fiscal year, any accumulated surplus, and shall not authorize the expenditures of any money in
excess of such income and surplus. (01 Bylaws Article VII, Section 5, Paragraph D)