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House of Optimism at the Arizona District Meeting!


What is the House of Optimism? 


The House of Optimism will be an area set aside at the District Meeting for Clubs to fundraise or promote their Club activities.  Bring your brag board or memory/scrap book!


It works like this, your Club has something to sell, examples are t-shirts, candy, gas cards, whatever, you use for fundraisers. You register for a table, and your Club comes to the meeting with your items or your brag board, or whatever.  You may share a table with another Club, if you want.


District Chairs are welcome to a table also!  Bring your handouts for A & A, CCC, Essay Contest, Oratorical Contest, etc., and place them on the Committee Information Table.


 There are rules. 


-Set-up starts at 7:30 am on Saturday. 


-The HOO is open until the close of the last breakout session on Saturday.


-You must arrange for the table in advance.  Contact by the Wednesday before the Conference.


 -Your Club is responsible for the table, including staffing, set up, tear down and security of the monies and goods.


–If your Club is selling something that doesn’t require the entire table, or marketing something like an upcoming golf tournament, etc., you may share the table with another Club.


-You must confine your selling and marketing activities to the predetermined House of Optimism area.  If you are caught selling outside the area, you will be given 1, and only 1 warning to stop.  If you do not stop, your Club will be ejected from the House of Optimism for the duration of that Conference. 


-You, and any one working at your table, must be registered for the meeting/conference.


The HOO will be set up for the 2 nd Quarter meeting in Phoenix. Make your plans for your Club Fundraising/Bragging Table and make this House of Optimism a fun time!


For more information, contact Nova Sipe,

Arizona District
2017-2018 Conferences and Conventions

You ever wonder where we are going, or when?  For District Conferences I mean. This may be early, but the thought is to let you know when and where our District conferences and District Convention will be in the coming Optimist year. 

   Go to 2018-2019 page

First though, we need as many of you to attend the District Convention this August, which will be at the Prescott Resort in Prescott Arizona. There will be training for the club and district leaders for next Optimist year, and there will also be things for each of us to learn from as well. Past International President Dave Bruns will be our official representative and will add a lot to our sessions! Don’t forget the Memorial service on Sunday morning!

Your District Conferences & Convention Committee

It Pays to Pre-register
(and it’s darn helpful too)
Have you ever tried to plan a family gathering, or a party that included a meal? I think we all have. And when I do this, it is always helpful for me to know how many folks I am going to be cooking for. Sure makes my shopping easier, and I know that while I’ll have enough to feed everyone, I am not going to have a whole pile of leftovers either.
Planning a District meeting is just about the same as my family dinner or dinner party. For each meal planned at a District conference – we are required to give the hotel a “guaranteed” number – days in advance! This will be the minimum number of meals that we will pay for, whether the meals are served or not. This part is pretty easy as it is based upon the meals members have already paid for by pre-registering. These meals are pre-paid.
Okay, so what if we have more than expected? A hotel is prepared to provide 5% more meals than we guarantee, but with our current registrations, that is only one or two meals.
So ….what happens when members wait to register on site the day of the meeting?
One of two things.
We try to guess at how many will do this and give a higher number for our guarantee – then pray we don’t have to pay for unsold meals. We have quit doing this.
Folks who wait until after early registration or the day of the meeting just won’t get fed. We will be happy to point ya’ll to the nearest fast food restaurant.
This is not a fun part of working on the Conference and Convention Committee. Late or on sight registrations also make it much harder to work with the hotel staff to set up the meeting and meal rooms to serve the numbers we have ---- and make it comfortable for all.
The sad thing is that it is usually the same members who register on sight, or who call at the last minute to ask for special assistance. FOLKs, we cannot and will not do this any more.
So … think ahead and pre-register for each conference.
Thanks! Your Conferences Committee.