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Arizona District Policy Changes to be discussed in August have to be submitted to District Secretary/Treasurer Ted Gaffin,, no later than July 5, 2018. 
Submitted changes can be viewed on the District Policies page. 
Optimist International has posted the topics and new rules for the 2018-2019 Scholarship Competitions at
The following article is about the fire at the meeting place, Micha's in Tucson, of the Pueblo Club, and the relief of finding their banners, intact.  The Club had no idea if their banners were gone until they were allowed into the burned building to check on the banners.

Clubs should give serious thought to taking photos of their banners and flags. This will help you in case they are loss, and may help if needed for an insurance claim.

Rising From The Ashes
Ken Johnson, Pueblo Optimist Club

Thursday April 12th, 2018, the Pueblo Optimist Club was at Micha’s Restaurant in South
Tucson, Arizona for our normal 7A.M. breakfast meeting. It was a normal morning and
none of us knew that our club’s history would be challenged in a day or two.
We woke up Saturday morning to the news that Micha’s, our meeting place, had burned
Friday night! From the photos and first reports, we accepted the fact that all of our club
items which were stored at the restaurant were a loss: Our banner and four awards banners
that represented our 51 years of Bringing Out the Best in Kids in our service community. It
was a moment of reflection.

Over the next few days, members who have businesses close to the restaurant kept in contact
with the fire department, just to see if, perhaps, anything survived.
A week later, Vice-President Willard Adams stopped by and learned that there really are
Angles Among Us! Our banner bag and podium were found in an upstairs corner. And, they
had not burned. We needed to air the banners and flag out a bit, but our history shown on
the four awards banners had survived! So did the Creed banner, the Purposes banner, bell
and gavel and our meeting sign.

Micha’s will rebuild once all of the paper work gets straightened out, and we will then return
to our long time home. Being there is like being with family! For the next few months, you
can find us on Thursday mornings at El Indio which is close by.

Fellow Optimists, Former Optimists, and Family Members of Optimists:

It was a hot and humid day in June of 1919 when delegates from 11 Optimist Clubs gathered in Louisville, Kentucky to officially organize the International Optimist Club—known today as Optimist International. As we look forward to the celebration of our 100th Anniversary as an organization, Optimists around the world are making plans for a Centennial Celebration to be kicked off at our 100th International Convention to be held in Ottawa, Ontario from July 8-10, 2018, and to culminate at our 100th Anniversary Celebration to be held in Louisville from July 1 to 3, 2019.

I have agreed to volunteer my time to write a special Centennial Book in honor of our 100 years of Optimism and I would sincerely appreciate your help in gathering information—Right Here, Right Now!!! Although I am using original documents, newspaper articles, the Of Dreams and Deeds book written in 1966, the 75 Years of Optimism in Canada booklet, and similar sources, I would sincerely appreciate receiving additional information from our members, former members, and families of members that would be of general interest to those who read the book. Information and supporting material (such as photos or news articles) can be sent to:

Suggestions regarding the type of information that may be of interest to readers include:

-Info regarding the original Optimist Club(s) in your District;

-Notable Optimists from your Club or District.

-Famous participants in Optimist programs.

-Significant milestones in your Club or District.

-Biographical info on Past International Presidents, International Vice Presidents, International Board Members, Top Governors, etc.

-Interesting stories regarding youth programs and community service.

-Info re JOI and our Signature Programs.

-Info regarding the Opti-Mrs.

Thank you all for your assistance and Happy New Year!!!

Dave Bruns